Why Did Taylor Lautner Lose The Abs After Twilight?

When the Twilight movies were finally out, and Lautner had some time to relax, he realized that a lot of women looked at him like he was a piece of meat. In his 20s, he had an unbelievable body, but that also meant people would likely objectify his appearance rather than see what was underneath all that muscle. At some point, he was known as “the guy who likes taking off his shirt every other second.” And that realization nearly broke him, not to mention how exhausting it was to keep it in shape for all those years.

In one of the interviews, Lautner admits that he sacrificed everything for the Twilight Saga, including his body. In the first part, he was 140 lbs, but he gained 35 lbs when they were shooting New Moon. So, as you can tell, Taylor worked very hard to gain every fiber of his abs traps, as well as maintain that look. Spending six days a week in a gym can’t possibly be as fun as many of us think, so at a certain point, Lautner said, “screw this,” and stopped exercising almost entirely.

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