Why Did Taylor Lautner Lose The Abs After Twilight?

The Twilight movies, as well as the novels they were based on, became a cultural phenomenon in the late 2000s. This vampire-human-werewolf love triangle saga about Edward, Bella, and Jacob took the world by storm. But as time went by, people changed, including the main cast.

Taylor Lautner, the guy who played Jacob Black, the werewolf, did a lot of workouts to get all buff for the role. Posters of him posing shirtless were in every teen’s room, whether their parents knew about it or not. But what those fans didn’t know was that Taylor was under constant pressure to meet everyone’s expectations about his body.

There was no other way around it: Lautner had to undergo a significant physical transformation to be able to show off those bulging muscles. Back then, he didn’t know just how much of a toll this would put on Tayulor’s body and psyche.

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