A Closer Look At David & Victoria Beckham Affair Rumors

Did David Beckham sleep with his daughter’s teacher?

Although you might dismiss the Rebecca Loos rumors as a one-off, infidelity rumors have plagued the former soccer player with other women as well. Years later, in 2018, a rumor came out on social media accusing Beckham of getting freaky with a teacher who taught his daughter, Harper. As a result, divorce rumors were whispered around the gossip mill, but unlike the Loos scenario, a teacher didn’t come forward to discuss the matter further. The Beckhams’ PR rep put that rumor to bed quickly. 

Years after the Rebecca Loos story, Loos spoke her truth on shows like “Extreme Celebrity Detox” and “Celebrity Love Island.” David and Victoria moved on but opened up about the moment on their Netflix doc, “Beckham.” Victoria admitted that the rumors did take a toll on their relationship. 

Since the four-part documentary was released, Loos has threatened to provide new info and proof about the relationship, but the public has yet to hear more details. We hope that both Loos and the Beckhams can move on and live their lives in peace, leaving the past in the past where it should be. 

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