10 Disturbing Realities of Being a Royal Wife

Royal wives have to dress the part 

Looking their best comes with the job, and Princess Catherine experienced a complete fashion makeover when she became part of the royal family. Royal wives must dress with restraint but, at the same time, look regal and sophisticated. While Kate succeeded, not everyone did. Princess Charlene admitted that she was used to “living in a swimsuit” and was mocked for her fashion choices at her first society event.

If they’re cheated on, they should turn a blind eye

Infidelity is just a day in the life of being a royal wife. While things might look perfect on the outside, husbands belonging to royalty often cheat, as was the case with Princess Diana and King Charles III. Diana knew about his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles before they were even married! Queen Paola of Belgium was in a similar situation when her hubby, King Albert II, had a love child with baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

Divorce is a no-no

Breaking up with your philandering husband is rarely on the cards for a royal wife. For instance, Princess Grace of Monaco felt like she was forced to stay in her marriage to keep custody of her children. A divorce might put the monarchy at risk, so women are highly discouraged from it. When King Charles III and Princess Diana divorced, Charles’s approval ratings dropped significantly. 

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