Utah Mom Wraps Legs Around Son And Is Under Fire “It’s Wrong”

Amber had to state her case after the video

Even after she defended herself in the video and explained that she feels nothing at all romantic towards her son, many were still skeptical and wanted her to stop calling it a hug, mentioning that there would be a double standard if a teen girl were seen doing that to her father, calling the instance “pervie.” One user told her: “Humble yourself instead of justifying yourself.”

Amber posted a tribute to her ex and got backlash once again

In one post, Amber shared some context for why she shares such a uniquely close bond with her mother. The tragic tribute was to her ex-husband, who passed away from suicide because of alcoholism when Brixton was just 15 years old. Her caption acknowledged that he passed too young, and despite the bad decisions he made, she still missed him and wished he was here with their family. Many IG followers claimed she was writing this post for attention, however. 

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