Nikki Haley Shuts Down Rumors Of Donald Trump Affair

Trump and Nikki Haley’s battle to become president

In November 2023, Nikki Haley appeared in a South Carolina town hall. Her sentiments towards the former POTUS remained lukewarm, and she still fearlessly criticized Trump’s potential return to the White House.

Haley has kept a delicate balance of conceding to Trump’s success and influence, while advocating for herself as a viable president. She’s kept this balancing act up because it will help her maintain favor with voters across the board. 

Still, she made a bold statement to the Associated Press, saying, “I agree with a lot of his policies, but the truth is, rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. We have too much division in this country, and too many threats around the world to be sitting in chaos once again.”

Trump hit back on a right-wing social media platform called Truth Social, disparaging Haley in a furious response where he called her a “weak and ineffective bird brain” and continued to call her bad for the country, calling out the former governor for calling him a great president and saying that she would never run against him. He seemed confident in himself when he mockingly added that she was down 50 points. 

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