A Journey Through the Years of Kim Kardashian’s Body Transformations

2014-2016: Post-Baby Slay and Socialite Comeback

Post-North’s arrival in 2014, Kim strutted out in midriff-baring ensembles like she was challenging the entire concept of post-pregnancy fashion. By 2015, she was back on the social scene, flaunting her toned abs like trophies at various events, reminding everyone that birthing Saint in 2015 didn’t dull her sparkle.

2017-2018: The Great Atkins Diet Adventure and Gym Chronicles

In 2017, Kim took on the monumental task of shedding the 60 pounds from baby number two. The solution? Atkins diet and strength training – because why not lift weights and skip the cupcakes? By August 2018, she flaunted a 20-pound loss, proving that Atkins wasn’t just a low-carb trend, but also an excellent way to tone those biceps.

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