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Tiyaan movie review

Tiyaan Movie Review – The Times of India

Tiyaan Review {3.5/5}: The movie is a good one-time watch with a few great scenes Synopsis Murali Gopy had promised a gender-bender and the movie has thumping action scenes, thought-provoking dialogues, political undertones and a story that is set in multiple periods and realities. Read More Cast & Crew Jiyen Krishnakumar Director

Tiyaan movie rating: 2.5 stars The vast desert plains of North India has provided the filmmakers of Tiyaan with a good canvas to paint an intense and thought-provoking drama with a lot of reference to current social and political events in the country. The story is set in a remote village, about 600 km away from Badrinath called Shankar Ghat.

Tiyaan (2017) – Tiyaan (2017) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Tiyaan’ is a film that demands a totally different perspective while watching. The story and the subtle details provided on non-dualism and non-dualistic philosophy throughout were something not for the regular moviegoers. It requires a further and sometimes even deeper understanding of ‘monism’ and monistic principles.

With both the actors along with the scriptwriter promising a one-of-a-kind experience, Tiyaan has been on the ‘must watch’ list of many. The movie itself is close to 2 hours and 48 minutes long, and after the end of first half – it has all the intensity that Murali Gopy films are known for.

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