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The thin blue line movie review

The Thin Blue Line (1988) – User Reviews – IMDb

The Thin Blue Line (1988) **** (out of 4) This excellent documentary from Errol Morris features more drama than any crime movie that Hollywood could make up in their minds. This film traces the story of a murdered police officer and the arrest of Randall Dale Adams who was convicted of the crime even though most of the evidence pointed to David Harris.

Audience Reviews for The Thin Blue Line Jan 09, 2019 Errol Morris has brought true crime documentaries to a high-quality level with this influential, mind-changing and at …

The Thin Blue Line movie review (1988) | Roger Ebert

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The Thin Blue Line. Roger Ebert September 16, 1988. Tweet. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. Those moments are the result of a 30-month investigation by Errol Morris, one of America’s strangest and most brilliant documentary filmmakers, …

Based on 12 critic reviews provided by 100. Washington Post Desson Thomson. More like a waking nightmare than a docudrama. A true story of murder and justice evidently miscarried, wrapped in the fictional haze of a surrealistic whodunit, it will leave you in a trance for days. [2 Sept 1988] 100.

FAQ the thin blue line movie review

What is the movie The Thin Blue Line about?

The Thin Blue Line. The result is a movie that is documentary and drama, investigation and reverie, a meditation on the fact that Adams was plucked from the center of his life and locked up forever for a crime that no reasonable person could seriously believe he committed.

What is the Thin Blue Line in the thin blue line?

The Thin Blue Line. Morris originally went to Texas to do a documentary on Dr. James Grigson, a Dallas psychiatrist nicknamed “Doctor Death” because in countless capital murder cases over 15 years he has invariably predicted that the defendants deserved the death penalty because they were sociopaths who would certainly kill again.

Was the thin blue line the first film to free a man?

Documentaries have changed minds, championed causes, and even reversed policy, but The Thin Blue Line (1988) may be the first film to free a man from prison.

What is the political impact of the thin blue line?

The Thin Blue Line is proof that sometimes, though rarely, the political impact of a film can be as tangible as an innocent man being freed from prison. December 11, 2013 | Full Review…

The Thin Blue Line – Movie Review by Jonathan Kim

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