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The shaukeens movie review

Movie The Shaukeens Review 2014, Story, Trailers

The terrific threesome play their parts with ease and Lisa adds oomph and colour to the ‘grey’ streaks. Some humour is forced; songs are shovelled in, and the climax lasts way beyond the orgasm! A tad more comical chemistry between the trio would made this a far more entertaining fare. Yes, there’s a child in each ‘oldie’, waiting to get out.

The Shaukeens movie review: The free-spirited Lisa Haydon, who was so good in ‘Queen’, quickly becomes tiresome. Three dirty old men `leching’ at a pretty young thing is what ‘The Shaukeens’ sets out to show.

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The Shaukeens is a story of three oldies – KD, Lali and Pinki. These lusty old men plan a trip to Mauritius after it becomes difficult, rather life-threatening for them to get some action in Delhi. In Mauritius the trio stay with a young fashion designer Ahana (Lisa Haydon). Ahana, a huge Akshay Kumar fan, is nursing a broken heart.

The story of three over-the-hill men with a bawdy eye, Shaukeens is a remake of the 1982 Hindi film. In the older version, the three old stooges were depicted as skirting a fine line between playful and crude. In this one, they are lecherous rascals with a bursting libido and a desperate roving eye. KD ( Annu Kapoor ), Laali ( Anupam Kher) and …

FAQ the shaukeens movie review

Is the movie The Shaukeens (2014) a good movie?

Akshay Kumar does well in the supporting role. The Shaukeens does show promises but the climax makes it decent entertainer. Above average 2.75 /5 By what name was The Shaukeens (2014) officially released in Canada in English?

What is The Shaukeens about and who are the characters?

Three Shaukeens, Laali, KD and Pinky, are sex deprived, thanks to their family, the norms of the society and their The Shaukeens is a remake of the 80s classic which had three aged men trying to find love once again and to achieve that they may go to any extent.

What do you like most about The Shaukeens?

What can also be appreciated about the Shaukeens is the chemistry between the three oldies and their comic banters. They are the best of friends otherwise, but the most hopeless competitors under the influence of Ahana. Among the lot,I liked Annu Kapoor the most.

Is'The Shaukeens'a remake?

The Shaukeens is a remake, rather recreation of Basu Chatterjee's 1982 Shaukeen starring Ashok Kumar, Utapal Dutt, AK Hangal, Rati Agnihotri and Mithun Chakraborty. Directed by Abhishek Sharma, The Shukeens boasts of pace and crispy dialogs.

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