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Sins movie review

Sins review. Sins Bollywood movie review, story, rating

In "Sins", Vinod Pande denudes the theme of all its inherent humour – what we see is a luminously lit, starkly shot film, suffused with the sounds of hearts and souls cracking and falling apart.

Sins: Directed by Vinod Pande. With Vinod Pande, Gauri Shankar, Shiney Ahuja, Nitish Pandey. Two passionate lovers have a relationship that was doomed from the start. Father Williams, a catholic priest and young Rosemary begin a seemingly innocent association, but the relationship quickly turns intensely physical.

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Movie Info. A priest (Shiney Ahuja) begins a torrid affair with a young woman (Seema Rahmani). Genre:

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FAQ sins movie review

Is sins a censored film?

Sins is a 2005 Bollywood film directed and produced by Vinod Pande. The film has a few controversial topless scenes, as a result of which it received an A certificate from the censor board of India. The film depicting a Catholic priest romantically involved with a young woman, was protested against by those...

Is 13 Sins a good movie?

But for the most part, "13 Sins" is solid, dark fun which also has something substantive on its mind. See it with someone who isn’t easily offended. Christy Lemire is a longtime film critic who has written for since 2013.

Who are the actors in sins?

Sins (film) 1 Shiney Ahuja as Father William 2 Seema Rahmani as Rosemary 3 Nitesh Pande as Graham 4 Uttara Baokar as Mrs Fernandes 5 Shashank Shekhar Mahakul as Joe, Rosie's brother 6 Rishi Khurana as Joseph 7 Dadhi Pande as John 8 Vivek Mishra as Dean 9 Madhavi Chopra as Rajni 10 Mohit Nilekani as Kailash More items...

What is 'greed: a Seven Deadly Sins story' about?

Lifetime ‘Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story' shows how greed tempts everyone and is the root cause of all evil (L to R) Monique Coleman as Zuri Maxwell and Eric Benét as Godfrey Anderson in 'Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story' (Lifetime)


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