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Silence tamil movie review

Silence Movie Review: Silence feels like a dreary dubbed film

Silence Movie Review: Anthony Gonsalves (Madhavan), a celebrated cellist, and his fiancée Sakshi (Anushka Shetty), a speech-and-hearing challenged artist, go to a house that is believed to be …

Silence (Tamil) (aka) Nishabdham review. Silence (Tamil) (aka) Nishabdham is a Tamil movie. Anjali, Anushka Shetty, Madhavan, Shalini Pandey are part of the cast of Silence (Tamil) (aka)…

Silence – Tamil Movie Review – Indian Cinema Screen

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Review: Due to the pandemic, the movie that was scheduled to be released on big screens got postponed indefinitely and got finally released on OTT Platform. This movie is released on Amazon Prime on 2 nd of October in Telugu, Tamil and English versions.

Silence (aka) Nishabdham review. Silence (aka) Nishabdham is a Tamil movie. Anjali, Anushka Shetty, Madhavan, Shalini Pandey are part of the cast of Silence (aka) Nishabdham. The …

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What is your review of the Tamil version of silence?

Regarding the Tamil version, The Times of India gave the film a rating of two out of five stars and noted that " Silence is meant to be a whodunit, but the moment you get the plot points, the film stops being one" and additionally stated that "the Tamil version resembles a dubbed film".

Who is the director of the movie Silence?

Silence is a Tamil thriller movie directed by Hemant Madhukar. The movie starring Anushka Shetty as lead role alongside Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madsen, Subbaraju, Shalini Pandey and Srinivas Avasarala in supporting roles. The movie was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi.

Is ‘the Silence’ Worth the wait?

Review: The issue of sexual abuse is as burning a topic today, as it was in 2015, when The Silence was made. It took the critically-acclaimed film two years to get a theatrical release but it’s worth the wait. Based on a true story, The Silence unfolds through the experiences of three women who recount the horrors they’ve gone through.

What is the release date of the Telugu movie'Silence'?

This film is shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, with the latter version titled Silence. The film was scheduled to be released on 31 January 2020 but was postponed to 2 April 2020. Again the release was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film is now scheduled to release through Prime Video on 2 October 2020.

SILENCE Review – Madhavan, Anushka, Michael Madsen – Nisaptham – Tamil Talkies

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The Silence (2015 Film)Late at night on a local train in Mumbai, young Chini wit…

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