Sherlock holmes movie 2009 review

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Sherlock holmes movie 2009 review

Sherlock Holmes (2009) – User Reviews – IMDb

There was a lot to like, however, in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes. I’ve always loved, and probably always will love Robert Downey, Jr. He did a fantastic job in his stab at the brilliant, but troubled sleuth. He did have a lot of low-brow humor, which I favor in films. (You see this mostly in real British humor.)

Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes is a breathless action-adventure that hits the ground running. While it often borders on the absurd (if not downright over-the-top), Ritchie manages to keep things on an…

Sherlock Holmes movie review & film summary (2009)

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The less I thought about Sherlock Holmes, the more I liked "Sherlock Holmes." Yet another classic hero has been fed into the f/x mill, emerging as a modern superman. Guy Ritchie’s film is filled with sensational …

The New Yorker David Denby. Challenged by Downey’s energy, Jude Law, who often seems aimless in his movies, comes fully up to speed. He’s virile and quick-witted, and his Watson, if not Holmes’s equal in brainpower, comes close to him in daring. Their repartee evokes the banter of lovers in a screwball comedy; they flirt outrageously but …

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