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Shadow movie review

Shadow (2018) – Shadow (2018) – User Reviews – IMDb

Shadow is a visually-stunning film. The plot was only modestly-interesting, but the breathtaking visuals and excellent use of music kept every moment of this film engaging. The action scenes are innovative. While technically a color film, most of the film looks black and white, except for the blood.

Shadow Movie Review. Times Of India. Karthik Pasupulate, TNN, Updated: May 15, 2016, 03.46 PM IST Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5. Synopsis: It’s basically a big dumb revenge drama made with the usual …

Shadow Movie Review : A commercial entertainer that …

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Shadow Movie Review: Critics Rating: 2.5 stars, click to give your rating/review, If hardcore commercial films are right up your alley, Shadow will be just the perfect weekend watch

Advertisement. "Shadow," a tale of court intrigue sprinkled with giddy duels and scenes of armored soldiers clashing, isn’t quite a return to form; Zhang’s first two action pictures were so nearly miraculous that it’s hard to imagine them being equalled. But it’s filled with so many remarkable images, particularly in its middle section, that …

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What is your review of the movie Shadow (2019)?

There is a heavy dose of action in Shadow, which play to the gallery. Lead actor Vinod Prabhakar's chiseled body fits the bill perfectly for the movie. In a nutshell, Shadow is a revenge drama, with a bit of love, family sentiment and suspense thrown in to keep up the tempo.

What is the movie Shadow about?

Beautifully filmed and inventively choreographed, Shadow is a thrilling and visually sumptuous wuxia epic that finds director Zhang Yimou near peak form. Read critic reviews To finally achieve victory over a rival kingdom, a brilliant general devises an intricate plan involving his wife, a look-alike and two kings.

Is Shadow by Zhang Yimou a good movie?

The artistic merit, along with the well-told story and rich cultural backdrop, notably marks Zhang Yimou's return to his prime after his disappointing film The Great Wall (2016). Shadow is a tale of a Chinese court set in one of its Dynasty.

Is Shadow a good martial arts film?

Overall Shadow is an exceptionally well made martial arts film, one that uses slow burn to a wonderful effect, never distancing itself from the viewer, but still able to build a strong hero and villain organically. 61 out of 74 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Shadow – Movie Review

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