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Sara's movie review

Sara’s Review: An ode to women, child-free by choice!

While working on the script for her dream debut, she meets Jeevan (Sunny Wayne), who is taking a break back home, away from the hectic life in the IT industry. They fall in love, with Sara…

Played by the ever-reliable Anna Ben, Sara is fearless when it comes to matters of relationship. She reveals herself to be an adventurous type who has been operating outside conventions since her…

‘Sara’s’ movie review: A commendable attempt at shaking a …

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Sara’S movie review: Every character in this Anna Ben starrer is agreeable to a fault. It works as an educational film, but the conservative setting fails to create any dramatic tension in the narration. Rating: 2 out of 5.

Sara’s movie review: A brave film on women’s reproductive rights with its own share of unconscious bias. With Sara’s, Jude Anthany Joseph has created a mass-targeted, full-blown commercial film that takes this explicit stand: her body, her choice. About time too.

FAQ sara’s movie review

What is your review of the movie Sara?

Sara’s movie review: Anna Ben’s film is a relevant tale about woman’s right over her body and to give birth Sara's, starring Anna Ben in the lead, doesn’t try to show motherhood as a burden but it allows one to introspect on the sacrifices women have to make to raise kids.

Who are the actors in the movie Sara’s?

The movie released on 5th July Malayalam movie Sara's has been captivating the audiences with its empowering storyline and remarkable performances of the star cast. The movie features Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne in the lead roles.

What is the plot of the movie Sara?

Sara's movie focuses on the main character Sara played by Anna Ben as she deals with the age-old society norm that a women's role is to have kids and take care of them. The movie is a light-hearted take on how society and family pressurise couples soon after marriage to have kids.

Is ‘Sara’s pregnancy’ a good movie?

Sara’S works as an educational film. It could start a conversation in conservative households on subjects that are touted as beyond discussions. Like a pregnancy is God’s will, and humans, especially women, don’t get to have a say in it. But, artistically, it feels inadequate.

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