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Sadda adda movie review

Sadda Adda Movie Review – Times of India

As an indicative review, SADDA ADDAcan be referred to that fairly decent racing bike which unfortunately starts off very late after the gun goes off, almost when the other bikers have completed their rounds. So despite of having a good horse power, it loses the race due to its technical malfunction and a first time rider.

Sadda Adda , directed by Muazzam Beg is a novel attempt to narrate the story of six youngsters who face problems in realising their goal. Sadda Adda tries to communicate to its audience that the…

Sadda Adda (2012) – Sadda Adda (2012) – User Reviews

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Sadda Adda stands for a bachelor pad inhabited by six single males with assorted aspirations. Kabir (Kunal Pant) works as a salesman but is in hunt for a stable job to settle in life. Safal (Parimal Aloke) is studying hard for his civil services exams. Rajat (Rohin Robert) has only dreamt of a white-collared job in US since always.

Sadda Adda, unlike most films picks up pace only in the second half. The last 20 minutes of the movie is the most gripping and heart rendering moments of all. Sadda Adda also ends on a positive note.

FAQ sadda adda movie review

What do you like most about the movie Sadda Adda?

Sign in to vote. the movie Sadda adda is on boys and there lifestyle when they are looking for jobs and tying to fulfill there dreams, as like all of guys they also looking for love n girls to spend life with. movie give a great message and motivate everyone to catch up there dreams, and not to quit.

What is the setting of the movie Sadda Adda?

This slice of life film is set in the backdrop of our capital city- Delhi. A city that brings in thousands of North Indians in search of opportunities that was never available in their own home towns. Like-wise, six boys from different states come together to share a two BHK apartment in a middle-class colony, which they lovingly call "Sadda Adda".

What are the negative aspects of Sadda Adda?

The biggest negative factor which restricts SADDA ADDA to grow on the viewer remains its highly inspired and similar settings to the last year surprise hit PYAAR KA PUNCHNAAMA. It starts off in the same manner telling the story about a group of bachelors living in a messy apartment, struggling to make it big in their own respective fields.

Is ‘Adda’ worth the watch?

And Adda is just another chip off the old block — following a lead set by thousands of films before it. True, it is very Bong, very antel and loaded with contemporary Bangaliana, but you can feel a certain sense of superficiality in its rather deep monologues or exchanges.

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