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Review of hindi movie kedarnath

Kedarnath Movie Review – Times of India

Kedarnath Review: Kedarnath features an all-too-familiar love story, that gets a boost thanks to the climactic floods that devastated civilization in the …

Kedarnath Movie Review: Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput is a poor fare owing to the unexciting and flawed writing and weak execution. What works are the performances and the flood sequences.

Kedarnath Movie Review: An Overwrought But Under

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Kedarnath is also a film about the power of faith – faith in God, in love, in the goodness of human beings. From the first frame, Mansoor is established as selfless and so generous that his mother is perpetually annoyed with him for underselling his services. I think Kedarnath is also about faith in the power of storytelling.

Kedarnath movie review: Sara Ali Khan starts off a tad awkward, but soon settles in and shows a perky confidence, very reminiscent of her mother, the actor …

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What is your review of Kedarnath movie?

Kedarnath movie review: Sara Ali Khan starts off a tad awkward, but soon settles in and shows a perky confidence, very reminiscent of her mother, the actor Amrita Singh. Kedarnath movie cast:Sushant Singh Rajput, Sara Ali Khan, Nishant Dahiya, Nitish Bharadwaj, Pooja Gor, Alka Amin Kedarnath movie director:Abhishek Kapoor

Is Kedarnath a weepie Without Tears?

Kedarnath movie review: Sushant Singh Rajput-Sara Ali Khan’s film is a weepie minus the tears Kedarnath review: In trying to please everyone, Kedarnath loses edge, and leads to a tepid cop-out. It’s a weepie minus the tears. Rating:2 out of 5 Written by Shubhra Gupta| New Delhi | Updated: December 7, 2018 9:05:57 pm

Why is the movie Kedarnath banned in Uttarakhand state?

This movie is banned in Uttarakhand state due to the controversy. Movie is blend of 2013's Kedarnath (part of Uttarkhand state in India) natural calamities disaster with the love story of a Hindu girl of conservative family and a Muslim boy.

Is Kedarnath really about the girl on Rajput’s back?

Kedarnath is a forgettable film, but some may remember the girl fondly — which might be the film’s only goal. In one scene, Khan rides down the mountain on Rajput’s back, and he calls her the heaviest load he’s lifted.

Anupama Chopra's Movie Review of Kedarnath | Abhishek Kapoor | Sushant Singh Rajput | Sara Ali Khan

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