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Pocahontas movie review

Pocahontas movie review & film summary (1995) | Roger …

“Pocahontas" is the best-looking of the modern Disney animated features, and one of the more thoughtful: It is about real issues, even if it treats them with naive idealism. In its view, Native Americans lived in peaceful …

Pocahontas G 1995, Adventure, 1h 27m 55% Tomatometer 56 Reviews 64% Audience Score 250,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but…

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Swashbuckling ship captain John Smith (Mel Gibson) encounters native princess Pocahontas and they fall in love. The two sides are on a collision course to war and only the two lovers can stop it. History as Disney princess drama can be dangerous territories.

Pocahontas Movie review by Scott G. Mignola, Common Sense Media Common Sense says age 6+ Fine for kids; just don’t expect a history lesson. G 2000 81 minutes Save Rate movie Parents say age 6+ Based on 19 reviews Kids say age 6+ Based on 39 reviews Watch or buy Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

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Is the movie Pocahontas worth watching?

Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun. Read critic reviews

Is Pocahontas the most problematic Disney princess movie?

Disney's Pocahontas turned 25 years old in 2020. While that might be cause for nostalgia for many '90s kids, two and a half decades after its release, the animated film remains the most problematic Disney Princess movie. The film received mediocre reviews at the time of release, and stands at 55 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

What do you like most about Pocahontas?

Pocahontas is one of my childhood favorite Disney movies with an epic soundtrack, colors of the wind is iconic. The animation is breathtaking, the characters well (voice) acted, and the storyline is honest. 1 out of 1 found this helpful.

Does Pocahontas kiss John Smith in the movie?

There are perilous scenes on a ship in the ocean, where a man nearly drowns. Considering that this movie is marketed toward the kindergarten set, the long kisses that Pocahontas and John Smith share are pretty steamy. The pair are immediately intimate in their body language, which is also rather mature for the audience.

Pocahontas (1995) – Movie Review

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