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Playback movie review

Play Back (2021) – Play Back (2021) – User Reviews – IMDb

Screenplay is bad, dialogues are worst.. Production values are cheap.. Ananya nagalla performance is good, Hero is ok.. rest of the actors are terrible. Cinematography, Music & editing are mediocre Direction is bad. 3 out of 9 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 5/10 Poor techniques poor acting

The biggest saving for this film is it has no songs. That’s one good thing happened to the audience. Main female lead Ananya looks good, Spandana is glamorous and Dinesh Tej did his part. TNR has got nothing much to perform as an actor but keeps moving as a silent criminal. It’s a good start for TV5 Murthy as an actor and he can continue.

Playback (2012) – Playback (2012) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site:

Playback is okay. If you can ignore its miss-selling and are just looking for a run-of-the-mill horror to fill an hour and a half, then this one will probably do. Yes, there are a fair few unexplained bits that may leave you with a question mark or two over your head, but, like I say, it’s far from perfect, but it just about makes the grade.

1 Video 2 Photos Crime Fantasy Romance Karthik is an investigative crime reporter from 2019, while Sujatha is from 1993. Karthik knows about her difficulties and he tries to change her future by changing the incidents from her past. Director Hari Prasad Jakka Writer Hari Prasad Jakka Stars Dinesh Tej Ananya Nagalla Arjun Kalyan

FAQ playback movie review

What is the point of the movie playback?

Playback is a B-Horror film that in a sense is nothing more than a new take on the Amityville Horror. Instead of a demon possessing a house, the demon in this film, keeps his spirit alive on videotape, and when someone sees the tape, they become the next possessed killer.

Who is the director of the movie play back?

Play Back: Directed by Hari Prasad Jakka. With Dinesh Tej, Ananya Nagalla, Arjun Kalyan, Spandana Palii. Karthik is an investigative crime reporter from 2019, while Sujatha is from 1993. Karthik knows about her difficulties and he tries to change her future by changing the incidents from her past.

What is the difference between playback and the call movie?

Playback's first teaser came in Dec 2019, where as The Call movie is released in Nov 2020. Playback release got delayed due to Corona. Understand the meaning of a remake or fremake.

Is play back (2021) a good movie?

On the whole, Play Back is a family thriller that has a fresh concept that deals with a cross-time telephone conversation. Though the movie has a few interesting moments here and there, lack of proper narration in the second half comes as a speed breaker. Watch it if you have enough time during this weekend.

PlayBack Movie Review | Dinesh Tej , Ananya Nagalla | Hari Prasad Jakka, Kamran | THYVIEW

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