Paava kathaigal movie review

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Paava kathaigal movie review

Paava Kadhaigal Review: Hard-hitting, tragic, hopeful and …

Sudha Kongara’s Thangam is the most interesting film of Paava Kadhaigal . It is interesting in what it could have become. In Xavier Dolan’s Matthias & Maxime , two childhood friends, who are…

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) The idea of the family as a safe space is hurled out the window in Paava Kadhaigal, a Netflix anthology of four disquieting Tamil short films that tell hard-to-watch but…

‘Paava Kadhaigal’ review: There will be blood – The Hindu

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Paava Kadhaigal rating: Two and a half stars A woman’s body has long been the site of ‘honour’— her own, her family’s, and very often, the community’s.

It is the exploration of this idea — why does the regular feel right and the different become a sin — that makes Paava Kadhaigal interesting, even gut-wrenching at times. While …

FAQ paava kathaigal movie review

What is your review of Paava Kadhaigal movie?

Paava Kadhaigal movie review: Netflix’s anthology film touches upon a number of taboo subjects such as same gender love, love involving a transgender character, caste politics, rape and inter-caste marriage. Sai Pallavi and Prakash Raj in a segment by Vetrimaaran. Directors: Sudha Kongara, Vignesh Shivn, Vetrimaaran and Gautham Menon

How does Paava Kadhaigal address the issue of honour killing?

With Oor Iravu in Paava Kadhaigal, the filmmaker addresses honour killing. Not in a way Love Panna Uttranum does, they do follow a same pattern but the emotions are poles apart.

Why Paava Kadhaigal is numerically dominated by women?

Paava Kadhaigal is numerically dominated by women, a fact that serves to underscore the reality of gender discrimination. It isn't number but power that matters. The girls have little agency despite the fact that a few of them seem independent enough.

Why does Menon focus on vaanmagal in Paava Kadhaigal?

With Vaanmagal in Paava Kadhaigal, Menon does not focus on the revolt or the rebel, he instead decides to focus on what all happens before that, just after the horrific event has occurred.

Paava Kadhaigal Review by Filmi craft Arun | Vetrimaaran | Sudha Kongara | GVM | Vignesh Shivan

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