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Nurse betty movie review

Nurse Betty movie review & film summary (2000) | Roger …

"Nurse Betty," written by John C. Richards and James Flamberg, is a comedy undercut with dark tones and flashes of violence. Heading inexorably toward a tidy happy ending, LaBute sidesteps cliches like a broken-field …

Nurse Betty R 2000, Comedy, 1h 48m 83% Tomatometer 130 Reviews 45% Audience Score 25,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Quirky in the best sense of the word, Nurse Betty finds director…

Nurse Betty (2000) – Nurse Betty (2000) – User Reviews

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Nurse Betty is a quirky original film with that "indie" feel to it. Renee Zellweger is a waitress in a small Kansas town. Her life consists of watching a soap opera and its star Dr. David Ravell. Her husband (Del) is a car dealer/drug dealer who cheats on her.

NURSE BETTY centers on Betty (Renee Zellweger), a sweet, trusting woman married to a boorish used car salesman (Aaron Eckhardt). She does not know that her husband has stolen some heroin and hid it in one of his cars. When he’s killed by a hitman, Betty goes into what psychiatrists call a fugue state. She has no memory of seeing the crime.

FAQ nurse betty movie review

What is the movie Nurse Betty about?

Nurse Betty. He is given an almost impossible assignment (heartfelt wistfulness in the midst of a gunfight) and pulls it off, remaining attentive even to the comic subtext. "Nurse Betty" is one of those films where you don't know whether to laugh or cringe, and find yourself doing both.

What is the meaning of Nurse Betty by LaBute?

Nurse Betty. Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty" is about two dreamers in love with their fantasies. One is a Kansas housewife. The other is a professional criminal. The housewife is in love with a doctor on a television soap opera. The criminal is in love with the housewife, whose husband he has killed.

What is it like to play Betty in the movie Betty?

But it's more, deeper, and more touching than that. Zellweger plays Betty as an impossibly sweet, earnest, sincere, lovable, vulnerable woman--"a Doris Day type," as Charlie describes her. She has unwisely married Del, a vulgar louse who orders her around and eats her birthday cupcake.

What is the movie Charlie and Betty about?

Morgan Freeman is Charlie, the killer, and Renee Zellweger is Betty, the housewife and waitress. Their lives connect because Del ( Aaron Eckhart ), Betty's worthless husband, tries to stiff Charlie on a drug deal.

Nurse Betty – Deep Focus

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