Manjadikuru malayalam movie review

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Manjadikuru malayalam movie review

Manjadikkuru Movie Review {3.5/5}: Critic Review of

Movie Review: Manjadikkuru, written and directed by Anjali Menon, has an aura of innocence about it. She laps up the fancies of children and follies of grown-ups to piece together a lovely film.

a nostalgic trip down the childhood of the eighties, `manjadikuru’ told through the viewpoints of a few children is undoubtedly likeable giving an air of similar international movies from countries…

Manjadikuru (2008) – Manjadikuru (2008) – User Reviews

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Manjadikuru (2008) : Brief Review – An exceptional debut for Director Anjali Menon. Majadikuru brings a childhood nostalgia with life lessons and easily beats her own overhyped ‘Banglore Days’. Sadly, i came to know about this film after watching ‘Banglore Days’ and ‘Ustad Hotel’ (Menon’s writing).

The movie is in fact a near masterpiece with a nivcely woven storylines and the director’s skillful handling of the masters and the children alike. Starting from a perfect presentation in a baritone voice by Prithviraj which is immensely likable, the movie’s, heartrending narratives are wisely picturised by Peter Zyuercher. Advertisement

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