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Love story movie review

Love Story Movie Review: Sekhar Kammula delivers a …

Love Story is Sekhar Kammula’s ode to love. Revanth (Naga Chaitanya) moves to the city from Armoor, Nizamabad to chart his own identity. He has grown up facing caste disparity from a very young age but has been told by his mother (Easwari Rao) that anything is possibly as long as he works hard for it.

Love Story could have been yet another Sairaat, but Sekhar expertly steers it in a different direction in the last act. Romance is one of the most commonly explored genres in commercial cinema and…

Love Story Review: Matured Narration |

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Producers: Narayan Das K Narang Puskar Ram Mohan Rao. Written and directed by: Sekhar Kammula. Release Date: Sep 24, 2021. One film that has occupied media space for a long time is Sekhar Kammula’s “Love Story”, one of the most-anticipated Telugu films. He teams up with Naga Chaitanya for the first.

Love Story Movie Review: Critics Rating: 1 stars, click to give your rating/review,A done to death plot, a weak script full of cliches, poor editing and lots of forced humour — in sho

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What is the story of the movie Love Story?

Let’s see the story of Love Story. Story: Revanth ( Naga Chaitanya), a low caste guy from a village, runs a Zumba centre in Hyderabad. On the otherside, the young girl Mounika (Sai Pallavi) is also from the same village, is in search of a job.

Is the movie Love Story better than the book?

Segal's prose style is so revoltingly coy -- sort of a cross between a parody of Hemingway and the instructions on a soup can -- that his story is fatally infected. The fact is, however, that the film of Love Story is infinitely better than the book.

Is love story (2021) a good movie?

Pawan Ch’s music adds to the texture of the film, so does Vijay C Kumar’s camerawork. Love Story is not a film without its flaws though. In an otherwise realistic film, Uttej’s character makes a plan so outlandish to help the couple it almost makes you laugh out loud. But then again, it makes it clear that such drastic measures are needed.

Who composed the music for the movie Love Story?

The music for Love Story is composed by debutant Pawan Ch. Apart from the combination, the music has played a crucial role in keeping up the buzz on the film. The single ‘Saranga Dariya’ single-handedly took the hype to the next level. The makers of Love Story couldn’t have asked for a better time to release, even though it is delayed.

Love Story Movie Review In Hindi | Naga Chaitanya | Sai Pallavi

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