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Lost in space movie review

Lost in Space movie review & film summary (1998)

Powered by JustWatch. “Lost in Space” is a dim-witted shoot-’em-up based on the old (I hesitate to say “classic”) TV series. It’s got cheesy special effects, a muddy visual look, and characters who say obvious things in obvious ways. If it …

Lost in Space PG-13 1998, Sci-fi, 2h 11m 28% Tomatometer 83 Reviews 24% Audience Score 100,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Clumsily directed and …

Lost in Space (1998) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120738/reviews

LOST IN SPACE is an extremely light weight, flashy sci-fi story with good effects but nothing else. 4/10 clumsy reboot of TV show SnoopyStyle 15 December 2014 It’s the year 2058. The United Global Space Force is building a Hypergate to travel to another planet. Wars have left the Earth almost uninhabitable.

Based on the original Series Lost In Space with a few new Twists in the story is a good Family Movie Rated PG with Mild Coarse Language and Violence , Running time 1:30 Mins SIFI. Compaired to other Childrens shows is very well done . John K. Parent January 2, 2019 age 10+ Add your rating See all 4 parent reviews What’s the Story?

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Is lost in space a good TV show?

Clumsily directed and missing most of the TV series' campy charm, Lost in Space sadly lives down to its title. Read critic reviews The space family Robinson is on a journey to Alpha Prime in the hopes of establishing a colony there and thereby saving humanity from extinction.

What will happen to lost in space after Season 3?

Within a week of the third season’s debut on Netflix, it’s likely that Lost in Space will get buried under another wave of original programming. Fans of space sci-fi already have a new series to look forward to in the South Korean thriller The Silent Sea, which lands on Netflix on Christmas Eve.

How many people watch ‘lost in space’?

When it debuted in 2018, the rebooted Lost in Space series was (according to Netflix’s self-reporting) watched by 6.3 million Netflix subscribers in its first 72 hours, one of strongest debuts on the platform that year. Since then, streaming services have hosted an unprecedented boom in big-budget space sci-fi television.

Is Netflix’s ‘lost in space’ a good family?

While the 1998 film reboot of Lost in Space injected an overdose of Gen-X angst into the Robinsons’ homelife, the family dynamic of the Netflix series is refreshingly functional. Conflicts within the family exist, but never explode into hyperbolic “I hate you, dad!” melodrama.

Lost in Space (1998) Retrospective / Review

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