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Kobbari matta movie review

Kobbari Matta review: Sampoornesh Babu’s film …

Kobbari Matta is the story of a village head Pedarayudu, who lives with his joint family of three wives, four brothers, and many sisters has an …

His three minute non stop dialogue, funny dances and mass dialogue delivery, the burning star has performed with utmost ease and the audience will just love him. He is showcased in three roles and Sampoo …

Kobbari Matta Movie Review: A film to laugh at ourself

Official Site: https://www.cinemaexpress.com/reviews/telugu/2019/aug/11/kobbari-matta-movie-review-a-film-to-laugh-at-yourself-sampoornesh-babu-ishita-sharma-gayatri-gupta-13570.html

Kobbari Matta is an elaborate satire on the heroics and the melodrama of a commercial hero’s family drama. Pedrayudu (Sampoornesh …

Kobbari Matta is held together mostly by the writing only. Overall, Kobbari Matta does provide the laughs, but it is also a weaker product that …

FAQ kobbari matta movie review

Is the movie Kobbari Matta worth watching?

Kobbari Matta is held together mostly by the writing only. Overall, Kobbari Matta does provide the laughs, but it is also a weaker product that relies heavily on one aspect, writing. It is a spoof, parody movie with a low budget and poor making standards. If that is not an issue venture into the cinema hall or else stay away.

Who is the director of Kobbari Matta?

Rupak Ronaldson is credited as the director for Kobbari Matta, but most of the behind the scenes work is done by Steven Shankar, who has previously helmed Hrudaya Kaleyam. All the traits of the writer and the director are visible in Kobbari Matta as well.

Is ‘Kobbari Matta’ a sequel to Hrudaya Kaleyam?

Kobbari Matta is not a sequel to the slapstick comedy Hrudaya Kaleyam that released a few years back. Here, ‘Burning Star’ Sampoornesh Babu pulls off a triple role as grandfather Paparayudu, son Peddarayudu and grandson Androidu. Director Rupak Ronaldson doesn’t waste a second to extract maximum entertainment from frame one to the last.

What is Shraddha Dangar wearing in Kobbari Matta?

Shraddha Dangar looks gorgeous in a burgundy saree Kobbari Matta is a movie which has been shooting for the last five years, finally hit the screens on Friday (August 10), and let’s see how it is.

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