Kashmora telugu movie review

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Kashmora telugu movie review

Kaashmora telugu movie review – 123telugu.com

On the whole, Kashmora is quite a different film from the routine and outdated commercial flicks that are coming out these days. Karthi’s performance and …

Kashmora deceives a political leader who conceals RS 500 Crore with him. Kashmora’s family tries to settle in some other country with the money but Raj Nayak’s soul stops them and asks them to come to his fort. To know who Raj Nayak is and to know the remaining story one should watch the film. Talent of the cast: Kashmora is Karthi’s one man show. He will be seen in each and every …

Kaashmora review. Kaashmora Telugu movie review, story, rating …

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‘Kaashmora’, touted as a dark fantasy, turns out to be an overcooked comedy. A hotchpotch of genres, it loses the opportunity to deliver a serious-minded horror-period-fantasy involving a whole…

Oct 28, 2016 By NR Kashmora (Karthi) is a crook who lives on making fool out of others claiming himself a man with special powers of talking to the ghosts. He makes money out of this and one day dupes a rich politician. With the bounty, Kashmora runs away but then gets stuck in a haunted building.

FAQ kashmora telugu movie review

Who are the actors in the Telugu movie Kashmora (1986)?

Kashmora (1986) is a Telugu action movie, directed by Chakravarthy. The cast of Kashmora (1986) includes Bhanupriya,Rajendra Prasad. ** Note: Hey! Would you like to share the story of the movie Kashmora (1986) with us?

Is Kaashmora a good movie?

Kaashmora Movie Review: The film contains the usual horror comedy tropes, but presents them all in a slightly different way, and at a grander scale. Read full review. Thanks For Rating

What is the plot of Kaashmora?

The plot revolves around Kaashmora (Karthi), a fake shaman, who along with his family, has managed to turn exorcism into a bustling business. A corrupt politician (Sharath Lohitashwa), who thinks that he is the real deal, chooses to hide his ill-gotten wealth in their home fearing an IT raid. The family flees with the loot.

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