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Jingle all the way movie review

Jingle All the Way Movie Review | Common Sense Media

If you don’t have to watch Jingle All the Way, don’t. It’s everything that’s wrong with the holiday season: It’s competitive, it’s stressful, it’s …

"Jingle All the Way” was inspired, I suspect, by that panic a few years ago when stores ran out of Cabbage Patch dolls. As the movie opens, little Jamie Langston is watching the TurboMan show on TV, and of course he wants the …

Jingle All the Way (1996) – User Reviews – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116705/reviews

Jingle All the Way is far from perfect, but it is fun and worthwhile. The plot tells of an overworked businessman who wants to buy a Turbo Man, the year’s hottest toy, for his neglected son. In …

Jingle All the Way PG 1996, Kids & family/Holiday, 1h 28m 19% Tomatometer 48 Reviews 38% Audience Score 100,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Arnold Schwarzenegger …

FAQ jingle all the way movie review

Is Jingle All the way a good movie?

If you don't have to watch Jingle All the Way, don't. It's everything that's wrong with the holiday season: It's competitive, it's stressful, it's desperate, and it's all about consumerism. In short, there's no one in this movie for kids to look up to.

Is Jingle All the way the worst Family Christmas movie ever made?

If you haven't seen Jingle All the Way yet- upon it being its tenth-year anniversary- be warned, it's not one of the better family Christmas movies made. Matter of fact it's one of the worst, certainly in the field of Arnold Schwarzenegger's non-action film work.

Is'Jingle All the way'a good movie?

Despite Phil Hartman's co-starring character, "Jingle All The Way" is a decent family film, all until the end, when they throw in a bunch of cheap kid "action" stunts to try and satisfy audiences. The film had a good premise, spoofing the "Furby" and "Elmo" crazes of past years. It's just too bad they messed it up with cheap gimmicks.

Is'Jingle All the way'worth watching?

It has to be said that the thought of JINGLE ALL THE WAY - a family comedy in which Schwarzenegger plays a father hunting for a rare toy for his kid on Christmas Eve - didn't exactly fill me with festive cheer, but the good news is that it's not too bad a film, although it's certainly a chore to sit through in places.

Jingle All the Way – Movie Review

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