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Jessie horror movie review

Jessie (2019) – Jessie (2019) – User Reviews – IMDb

Perfectly crafted horror movie, hard to find horror movies , as many of them are just cheap thrills, but this one has its own calculations, to make you think, it is just not the horror alone, it also …

Jessie Story Review: A team of four professional ghost hunters on their way to conduct a paranormal investigation at a haunted house named Victoria House gives lift to …

Jessie (2019) – IMDb

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Horror Thriller Set in an abandoned house, the film follows a team of professional ghost hunters trying to conduct a paranormal investigation to unveil the mystery of two sisters, …

Pavan Wadeyar’s Jessie has been among the more awaited films of this year. This film, which seemed like a romantic tale, offers an interesting twist, turning it into a thriller. …

FAQ jessie horror movie review

Is ‘Jessie’ a horror thriller?

Along with a few other small films, a horror thriller, titled Jessie, has also hit screens today. Let’s check whether it managed to impress or not. The film takes off with a group of professional ghost hunters in search of a house located far away from the city to investigate the mystery of two missing sisters, Jessie and Amy.

Is Jessie (2021) a good movie?

On the whole, Jessie is a psychological horror thriller which has a few engaging moments. The narration and character establishment in the first half are okay. But too many subplots and twists in the second half may not go well with the audiences who expect more horror elements.

Who are the actors in the movie Jessie?

Casting: Dhananjay , Parul Yadav , Raghu Mukherjee , Sumalatha, Avinash, Ramakrishna, Sudha Belwadi, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna and Gowthami Gowda. The most expected and anticipated movie Jessie , directed by Pawan Wadeyar has hit the marquee today, March 25th.

Who are the actors in Pawan Wadeyar's Jessie?

The most expected and anticipated movie Jessie, directed by Pawan Wadeyar has hit the marquee today, March 25th. After the moderate success of Puneeth Rajkumar starrer Rana Vikrama, the film-maker is back with a romantic entertainer. Jessie stars Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee in the lead roles.

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