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Jennifer 8 movie review

Jennifer 8 movie review & film summary (1992) | Roger …

Jennifer 8 (1992) Rated R For Violence, Language and Brief Nudity 127 minutes Cast Andy Garcia as John Berlin Uma Thurman as Helena Robertson John Malkovich as St. Anne …

Audience Reviews for Jennifer Eight Aug 12, 2012 Jennifer 8 is a very uneven suspense drama, with elements of a strong serial killer thriller, but also a number of issues which undermine it. …

Jennifer 8 (1992) – Jennifer 8 (1992) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Bruce Robinson’s "Jennifer 8" isn’t a great movie but worth seeing. While it does follow the detective-suspects-pattern-in-murders-and-has-to-protect-someone formula, Andy Garcia’s and …

Jennifer 8: Directed by Bruce Robinson. With Andy Garcia, Lance Henriksen, Uma Thurman, Graham Beckel. John Berlin, a former Los Angeles homicide detective, investigates a …

FAQ jennifer 8 movie review

Is Jennifer 8 a good movie?

"Jennifer 8", panned by critics upon release, now finds itself being compared to some of the better films in the genre ("The Pledge", "Silence of the Lambs", "Seven", "Manhunter" etc). The film stars Andy Garcia as Sergeant John Berlin, a detective hot on the heels of a psycho sexual serial killer.

Is Jennifer Aniston 8 a good movie?

Jennifer 8 is a very uneven suspense drama, with elements of a strong serial killer thriller, but also a number of issues which undermine it. The cinematography is great, and succeeds in creating a very eerie unnerving feeling throughout the film.

Who is Jennifer 8 in the Hate U Give?

He becomes convinced that "Jennifer" was the 7th victim and the girl whose hand was found at the dump is "Jennifer 8", or victim #8. While investigating the links between the dead and missing blind girls, he meets blind music teacher Helena Robertson, determining that her roommate Amber was the eighth victim.

What details does Helene remember about Jennifer 8?

Helene remembers just a few details, like the sound of the car engine. Berlin comes to believe that Helena is Jennifer 8, the eighth (intended) victim nicknamed Jennifer. Helena resembles Berlin's former spouse.

Siskel & Ebert – "Jennifer 8" (1992)

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