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Jellyfish movie review

Jellyfish (2018) – Jellyfish (2018) – User Reviews – IMDb

7/10 Powerful and Painful Moviegoer19 30 December 2018 There were a few times while watching Jellyfish that I thought I would have to turn it off. While my own childhood experience was not as extreme as the ones seen in this film, it was close enough to make watching it quite difficult.

Powered by JustWatch "Jellyfish" tells the stories of three young women whose lives, for a change, do not interlock so much as co-exist. It never quite explains why these three were …

Jellyfish review – schoolgirl standup has the last laugh

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It’s a striking directorial debut by James Gardner, and has an astonishingly good performance by Liv Hill as Sarah, a 15-year-old written off by …

Jellyfish review – limp laughs by the seaside A young girl in Margate finds escape from her bleak life through comedy, but there’s no such luck for the audience The ‘compelling’ …

FAQ jellyfish movie review

Why are there no featured reviews for jellyfish?

There are no featured reviews for Jellyfish because the movie has not released yet ().

What is the point of the movie Jellyfish?

Jellyfish tells the story of Sarah's discovery of an unexpected outlet for her frustration and quick-tempered wit: stand-up comedy. First-time feature film director James Gardner paints a dark and hard-edged picture of life in this grey seaside British town, and, in newcomer Liv Hill, he uncovers a revelatory talent.

Who is the actress in the movie Jellyfish?

Jellyfish finds its dramatic spine in fine work from Liv Hill in her feature debut, bringing authentic angst to this downbeat character study. Read critic reviews A teenager discovers her hidden talent for stand-up comedy when her drama teacher urges her to perform at a graduation showcase.

What is the subject matter of jellyfish?

The subject matter in Jellyfish is bleak, but by letting Sarah tell her story as she finds her voice as a comedian, it doesn’t exploit her vulnerability. Sarah’s comedy superpower is saying the unsayable.

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