Jai sri ram telugu movie review

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Jai sri ram telugu movie review

Jai Sriram Movie Review {3/5}: Critic Review of Jai Sriram …

Story: Sriram Srinivas (Uday Kiran) is a man with a mission. He does the usual stuff that new police officers do – warn thugs and if they do not fall in line deal with them severely. …

There was a time when, if the director was not a Teja, or a VN Aditya, Uday Kiran looked as though he was doing rehearsals in front of the …

Jai Sriram Movie Review | Telugu Film – FilmiBeat

Official Site: https://www.filmibeat.com/telugu/reviews/2013/jai-sriram-movie-review-107375.html

Jai Sriram is an action drama with a few other masala elements like romance and comedy. Uday Kiran’s electrifying performance and a few raw …

The good side is, he managed to give good base to his voice. Reshma looks sexy and fresh. Though her role was hardly anything, she tried to score with her cuteness and sex …

FAQ jai sri ram telugu movie review

Who are the actors in the Telugu movie ‘Jai Sriram’?

Jai Sriram is a 2013 Telugu, action film directed by Balaji N. Sai. The film had Uday Kiran and Reshma Rathore in lead roles with Adithya Menon as the villain. Sriram Srinivas (Uday Kiran) is a tough and honest cop. He values his job and fights for justice and the protection of society.

What is the movie Jai Sriram about?

Jai Sriram is a action drama movie in which, Uday Kiran playing a role of SP Sriram Srinivas, who is a honest police officer, who hates corruption and Actress Reshma playing the female lead role in this movie. Jai Sriram movie directed by Balaji N Sai and Tella Ramesh producing this movie. Balaji scored music for this movie.

Who is the composer of the movie Jai Sriram?

Jai Sriram movie directed by Balaji N Sai and Tella Ramesh producing this movie. Balaji scored music for this movie. Bhargavi, Hemachandra, Tejaswini Prakash, Koushik, Suruthi , Shravani, Uma Neha, Soumya

What are the reviews of Uday Kiran’s film ‘Jharkhandi’?

The film's music was released to positive reviews, and achieved the platinum disc function. The film was released to moderate reviews. The Times of India gave the movie good review appreciating the cinematography and Uday Kiran's performance.

Jai Sriram Telugu Movie Trailer | Uday Kiran

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Jai Sriram (2013 Film)Sriram’s ethical way of work makes him a lot of enemi…

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