Ismart shankar telugu movie reviews

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Ismart shankar telugu movie reviews

iSmart Shankar Movie Review – The Times of India

Review: With iSmart Shankar Puri Jagannadh aims to bring the story of a flawed, seemingly heartless criminal, who happens to fall for the only girl who will not put up with his nonsense. But what happens when said criminal finds out he has not just been paid to kill someone, but been used as a pawn in something far more sinister?

Shankar (Ram Pothineni) is a murderer on the run looking for the person who has got him in the situation he’s in. While he’s unafraid to make enemies and is a full-time goon, he …

iSmart Shankar Review: Five reasons why you should …

Official Site:

iSmart Shankar Cast Apart from Ram, the film also stars Nabha Natesh, Nidhhi Agerwal and Satya Dev in key roles. While Nabha won hearts with her role in Nannu …

He showcases Ram in a superb manner and makes the film watchable only because of Ram. If he had managed the memory transfer concept well, things would have been a lot …

FAQ ismart shankar telugu movie reviews

What is your review of iSmart Shankar?

One the whole, Ismart Shankar is an unapologetic full on mass masala entertainer aimed at the masses. Ram’s crazy makeover will be loved by many. His one man show and good music make the otherwise ordinary story and dull narration click in several areas.

Who are the actors in the movie iSmart Shankar?

Puri Jagannadh’s Ram Pothineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh starrer ‘ iSmart Shankar ’ released this Thursday. With music by Mani Sharma, the film charts the journey of a street-smart man who finds out that the police have embedded a sim-card in his brain.

What is the plot of iSmart Shankar?

iSmart Shankar revolves around a small-time goon Shankar, who has so far only got some petty works to deal with. But, there comes a situation that could turn his life upside down. What happens rest has been narrated in iSmart Shankar.

What time does iSmart Shankar US premier live update start?

iSmart Shankar US Premier live updates will begin at 8 pm EST (5.30 am IST). iSmart Shankar, there is a total mass feel to the title that is justified by the promotional material of the movie. Ram has gone for a complete makeover for the mass role and if it’s Puri’s vision of how his hero must be, then Ram has done 100% justice.

iSmart Shankar Telugu Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Not A Tolly Review

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