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Ishqiya movie review: is a film analysis done by one person or a group of people expressing their thoughts on the film. A movie review is unique in that it does not simply evaluate the film but also expresses very specific opinions that form the basis of the Ishqiya movie review.

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Ishqiya movie review

Ishqiya Movie Review – The Times of India

Movie Review: Ishqiya is a zany little black comedy that may be completely desi in its idiom, its lingo, its landscape. Yet, when it comes to drama, it is totally Hollywood. Debutant …

Ishqiya is highly performance oriented and each actor from the cast is superlative. To see Naseeruddin Shah deliver in a meaty role is a delight. Arshad Warsi is in his elements and this …

Ishqiya (2010) – Ishqiya (2010) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Ishqiya is pure delight.. Both in terms of the narrative that moves from one tangy twist to another and in terms of the performances.. The film’s USP is its lingo and witty dialogues which keep you …

Ishqiya Movie Review 2010 : Ishqiya Critics Rating 4/5. Get ready for tangy, pungent, sizzling and spicy stuff. Be forewarned, ISHQIYA isn’t the fluffy, candyfloss, saccharine sweet …

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Ishqiya starts with Krishna Verma ( Vidya Balan) trying to convince her husband, Vidyadhar Verma ( Adil Hussain ), a local gang-lord, that he should surrender.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Is Ishqiya the best Wild West movie in India? ” answer-3=”A wild wild west set right in our UP wala Gorakhpur, Ishqiya draws its influence from Hollywood classics like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (1969) and Bonny and Clyde (1967) but is perfectly Indianised for the desi palate.” image-3=”” html=”true” css_class=””]

Ishqiya (2010) – Movie Review | Indian Neo Noir | Abhishek Chaubey | Vidya Balan | Naseeruddin Shah

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