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Interview with god movie review

An Interview with God (2018) – IMDb

Interview With God is not the average Spiritual/Christian movie as it does not have many religious fundamental overtones, nor is it Holier-Than-Thou- preachy. The movie establishes that it wants everyone, regardless of believers and/or non-believers, to watch this movie by having the interviewer ask God about Atheist’s being moral.

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Story Line. The film did a brilliant job of revealing the reality of an individual’s tussling with God and his own personal faith. Paul’s marriage is on its last legs and his prayers, from his standpoint, seem to go one-sided. While parts of the film are mind infuriating and could very well serve as good conversation-starters.

Movie Review: An Interview with God ‘What would you ask God, if you had the chance?’… 15 November, 2018 Angela King Before I begin, I need to confess that I approached An Interview with God with a slightly jaded attitude towards ‘Christian’ films—I think I had maybe seen one too many violin-driven climaxes?

FAQ interview with god movie review

Is the movie an interview with God a good movie?

"An Interview with God" is a good enough movie about how God attempts to provide answers and explanations for the questions that most of us human beings ask God in our prayers and so on. However, I must warn you that this movie does not answer all the relevant questions.

What is your review of an interview with God (unrated)?

An Interview With God (unrated) debuts in theaters for three nights only: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday August 20-22 (click for tickets and showtimes in your area). Here's my movie review and what you need to know: 1. It's very well done.

What is the plot of the interview with the god?

The plot is that a religious journalist has an interview with a person claiming to be god. The standard pattern of these things is that the interviewer, who is the stand-in for the audience, at first thinks he's talking to a crazy person but gradually comes to believe he is actually talking to god.

Is there a movie about a person who claims to be God?

This isn't really a movie. It's a religious/philosophical treatise disguised as a movie. The plot is that a religious journalist has an interview with a person claiming to be god.

An Interview with GOD?

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