Huliraya kannada movie review

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Huliraya kannada movie review

Huliraaya Movie Review {3.5/5}: Critic Review of Huliraaya …

While filmmakers saying they’ve made a ‘different film’ is a cliche in the film industry, Huliraaya genuinely is a different effort and it is worth a watch if you’re game for something substantial and out of the box. Users’ Reviews 0 Hgfg 0 Up 0 Down Reply TSR The Urbanist 3686 1698 days ago An excellent theme based movie with good photography

Huliraaya, is the story of all of us. Suresaa, is a carefree youth, born and brought up in the forests of Karnataka. The films revolves around his journey , the various thrilling and dramatic experiences in his life. The film traces his rendezvous with city life and is a roller coaster experience.

Huliraya movie review: A toothless tiger – Bangalore Mirror

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‘Huliraya’ is just a normal masala entertainer in the fake garb of a brainy socially-conscious film. The film shows no real concern for anyone; forest dwellers, the poor and illiterate arriving in the city or the forests themselves. So, it fails in its misfit clothing. With a bigger budget, it could have at least been a proper commercial film.

Director: Aravind Kaushik Cast: Balu Nagendra, Divya Uruduga, Chirashree The story is told through the protagonist, Suresh (Balu Nagendra), who is affectionately called Huliraya and lives in the woods. A turning point in life is when he has to move to the city to earn money and take care of his parents.

Huliraya Kannada Movie | No-Filter Review | Aravind Kaushik, Balu Nagendra

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