Horror hotel the movie 2016 review

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Horror hotel the movie 2016 review

Horror Hotel: The Movie (2016) – Horror Hotel: The Movie (2016

Horror Hotel: The Movie: Directed by Ricky Hess. With Tera Buerkle, Deborah Childs, Jordan Demers, Austin Freeman. "Aliens Stole My Boyfriend" – Two cute alien chicks crash land their space buggy in the parking lot of the motor court looking for Earth boyfriends.

Horror Hotel is an anthology film and is the feature-length directorial debut from Ricky Hess. The writing credits go to Al Hess. The first story is called “Aliens Stole My Boyfriend”. It starts off with a girl named Cindy yelling at her boyfriend Roger about how he needs to start bringing in more money.

Horror Hotel: The Movie (2016) – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5931338/

When I sat down to watch Horror Hotel: The Movie, I was treated to family friendly tales of aliens, clones, body swapping, and dystopian futures. Unfortunately, this anthology isn’t as interesting as that list of subjects may indicate.

Review by Jason ★½ 1. Horror Hotel is a horror anthology consisting of six different segments all set in the same hotel. All of the segments were directed by the same guy so there is no real aesthetic or tonal difference between them. The film is marked by poor acting, terrible script, and a feeling of cheapness.

Horror Hotel: The Movie | Sci-Fi Horror Anthology | 6 AWESOME STORIES!!

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