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Hideaways movie review

Hideaways (2011) – Hideaways (2011) – User Reviews

Hideaways – CATCH IT (B) Hideaways is a sweet little British movie about James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift to an accident causing the death of his father and his grandmother. Shocked by the mysterious power he has discovered, James is isolated in a forest to avoid hurting his family and decides to live there.

The story of Hideaways or The Last Son is narrated by Mae who tells it with smooth charm and wry wit. It is about the Furlong family who for three generations have had strange and not particularly useful gifts. The grandfather went blind for 37 minutes every time he thought about sex and the father knocked out electrical items when he was scared.

Hideaways (2011) – IMDb

Official Site: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1692098/

Hideaways 2011 1 h 28 m IMDb RATING 6.1 /10 2.8K YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 24,997 8,203 Fantasy Thriller James Furlong, motherless, …

It is a quiet, beautifully filmed manifestation of Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief. Often the dialogue is sparse, and one is left to decipher the Mariner’s thoughts. Lucas gives a beautifully nuanced performance in which little is said, but volumes are spoken. This film is also enhanced considerably by its wonderful cinematography.

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What is the plot of hideaways?

Hideaways (2011) 1h 28min | Fantasy, Thriller | 23 November 2011 (France) James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift by accident which caused the death of his father and his grandmother.

What is hideaway by Roger Ebert?

"Hideaway" is for people who like movies as much as they like films. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Is Hide Away the film you want to see this summer?

The typical Hollywood films you'll barely remember a month later but Hide Away will have a lasting impact and this, this, is the film you want to see this Summer. Best work I've seen from Josh Lucas and James Cromwell is, even more than usual, so very memorable as The Ancient Mariner.

Is'hideaway'a good movie?

But what "Hideaway" delivers is the sort of experience I occasionally crave at the movies: lurid, overwrought melodrama and an ending that shoots for the moon. It helps, in a movie like this, if the actors are first-rate.

A Boy Is Born With Strange Gift, Making The Living Creatures Deceased When He Gets Hurt

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