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Hide & seek movie review

Hide and Seek (2021) – User Reviews – IMDb

The South Korean murder mystery/thriller HIDE AND SEEK is a fine and engrossing little film so I recommend interested parties to check it out. As for this American remake, well, don’t bother. They take away all the good stuff and leave a dull and confused, not to mention senseless, B-movie in its wake.

Hide and Seek has flaws, but for those seeking a mystery that delivers moments of real dread, this delivers. Full Review | Original Score: B Daniel M. Kimmel North Shore Movies Nov 19, 2021 In…

Hide and Seek Movie Review – The Times of India

Official Site: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/movie-reviews/Hide-and-Seek/movie-review/5671967.cms

Reminiscent of the I Know What You Did Last Summer series, Hide and Seek follows a similar format of chasing a bunch of friends through time, in order to settle a few forgotten scores from the sordid past. Purab Kohli loves Mrinalini Sharma and wants to gift her a miniature Taj Mahal at a party.

"Hide and Seek" is not really interested in its situation, except as a way to get to the horror ending. I like horror films, but I don’t like to feel jerked around by them. They’re best when they play straight and don’t spring arbitrary …

FAQ hide & seek movie review

What do you think of the movie Hide and seek?

"Hide and Seek" is not really interested in its situation, except as a way to get to the horror ending. I like horror films, but I don't like to feel jerked around by them.

What do parents need to know about hide and seek?

Parents need to know that Hide and Seek is a thriller about a wealthy man who's looking for his lost brother while hoping to protect his wealth and empire; there's also a masked killer on the loose. A remake of a 2013 Korean movie, it's all pretty generic and forgettable -- but also very violent.

Is'hide and seek'a horror film?

This is a setup for a typical horror film, but for the first hour, at least, "Hide and Seek" feels more like M. Night Shyamalan and less like formula.

Does'hide and seek'cheat?

With "Hide and Seek," directed by Polson from a screenplay by Ari Schlossberg, you don't get that satisfaction. It's not technically true to say the movie cheats, but let's say it abandons the truth and depth of its earlier scenes.

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