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Hereafter movie review

Hereafter Movie Review {3.5/5}: Critic Review of Hereafter …

Hereafter Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3.5 stars, click to give your rating/review,Matt Damon has recently been voted as Hollywood’s most bankable star. Hereafter shows you why. Watch

Clint Eastwood’s "Hereafter" considers the idea of an afterlife with tenderness, beauty and a gentle tact. I was surprised to find it enthralling. I don’t believe in woo-woo, but then neither, I suspect, does Eastwood. This is a film about the afterlife that carefully avoids committing itself on such a possibility.

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HEREAFTER is an intriguing supernatural drama from acclaimed director Clint Eastwood. This film ties together three varying plot strands into a satisfying whole. As a film it’s a slow-moving and largely subtle character drama, exploring the effects of death upon three diverse characters.

Hereafter PG-13 2010, Drama, 2h 9m 47% Tomatometer 236 Reviews 38% Audience Score 50,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus Despite a thought-provoking premise and Clint Eastwood’s typical…

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What is your review of the movie Hi hereafter?

HEREAFTER could have been a great film. As it is, it's uneven, slowly paced, and avoids the paranormal aspects that its title implies will be touched, especially since its main character is a psychic played by Matt Damon. But on the credit side, the opening sequence is amazing for its special effects.

Why is hereafter a bad movie?

Despite a thought-provoking premise and Clint Eastwood's typical flair as director, Hereafter fails to generate much compelling drama, straddling the line between poignant sentimentality and hokey tedium. Read critic reviews Three people set out on a spiritual journey after death touches their lives in different ways.

Who are the actors in the movie Hereafter?

Hereafter. "Hereafter" stars Matt Damon as George, a man who sincerely believes he's able to have communication with the dead, but has fled that ability and taken a low-profile job; Cecile de France as Marie, a newsreader on French television; Bryce Dallas Howard as Melanie, a young cooking student with a fearful dark place inside;

Is herafter a success as a movie?

In its own way, Herafter is not a typical Eastwood project (but then, neither were Changeling or The Bridges Of Madison County). So, forgetting that it is directed by Eastwood, is it successful as a movie or not? The first thing to say is that it plays its ace right at the start, by beginning with the tsunami sequence.

Hereafter movie review

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