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Grave encounters movie review

Grave Encounters (2011) – User Reviews – IMDb

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS starts off well, playing things out subtly and with plenty of menace. The initial scare scenes are very effective and in the vein of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, with inanimate objects moving in the background of shots and the occasional bit of levitation.

Despite its meagre budget, Grave Encounters boasts surprisingly solid acting, vertigo-baiting hand-held camera antics and enough [REC]- style shock-horror to keep your pulse throbbing throughout….

‘Grave Encounters’ — Review – The New York Times

Official Site:

1h 32m By Jeannette Catsoulis Sept. 8, 2011 “This is not a movie,” a bogus producer insists at the beginning of the mockumentary “Grave Encounters,” the latest found-footage scam and the directing…

I’d give Grave Encounters a 5.2 overall has a rating of 6.1. That leads me to believe I am missing something. I feel this falls below the movies I mentioned before, Rec, Hell House LLC, The Blair Witch Project and The Houses October Built. But it is totally worth a look.

FAQ grave encounters movie review

Is Grave Encounters a good horror movie?

"Grave Encounters" is another sub-product of "Paranormal Activity", which seems to be the cheapest way to make a horror movie. There are two or three scenes that really scare the viewer, but it is not enough to save "Grave Encounters" .

Is ‘Grave Encounters’ a scam?

“This is not a movie,” a bogus producer insists at the beginning of the mockumentary “Grave Encounters,” the latest found-footage scam and the directing debut of Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, otherwise known as the Vicious Brothers.

Is Paranormal Activity (2007) better than Grave Encounters?

Even with the special effects, Paranormal Activity (2007) was able to maintain a sense of authenticity in its production, while boring in places as real reality is, it incorporated some photographic effects that had more emotive and creepy impact than the more simple and subtle effects than found in Grave Encounters.

What episode of Grave Encounters is the Haunted Asylum on?

The executive producer Jerry Hartfield (Ben Wilkinson) of a video production company in California presents the Episode 6 – "The Haunted Asylum" of the reality show "Grave Encounters". He advises that the episode has not been edited.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: A Perfect Parody of Ghost Hunting Shows

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