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Goli soda movie review

Goli Soda Movie Review – The Times of India

Movie Review: Goli Soda is about four friends (orphans at that) who try to create an identity for themselves, their romance and their fight against a …

Goli Soda was a massive hit in India early in the year, and it could find a spot on more than one targeted and niche festival slate. Four orphans work hauling sacks around the market making a…

Goli Soda Movie Review – The Times of India

Official Site: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/kannada/movie-reviews/goli-soda/movie-review/54265474.cms

Goli Soda is the official remake of the surprise Tamil hit of 2014 by the same name. This film has managed to retain the same David-vs-Goliath spirit and innocence of the original, while blending into the big, bad world of City Market in Bengaluru, instead of the slums of Chennai.

Pacing is Goli Soda 2’s biggest plus. Like he did with the first film, Vijay Milton maintains a relentless pace that keeps you engrossed in the film. …

FAQ goli soda movie review

What is Goli Soda about?

Movie Review: Goli Soda is about four friends (orphans at that) who try to create an identity for themselves, their romance and their fight against a big shot who wants to squish them beneath his feet because their action inadvertently has resulted in a loss of face for him. If this reads like the plot of a typical masala movie, you are not wrong.

Who are the actors in the movie Goli Soda?

Goli Soda ( transl. Marble Soda) is a 2014 Indian Tamil -language drama film written and directed by S.D. Vijay Milton, who handled the Cinematography as well. Produced by his brother Bharath Seeni under Roughnote Production, the film stars Kishore, Sree Raam, Pakoda Pandi, and Murugesh of Pasanga fame.

What is your review of Goli Soda 2 (2018)?

M Suganth, TNN, Updated: Jun 14, 2018, 03.33 PM ISTCritic's Rating: 3.0/5 Goli Soda 2 Synopsis: Three youngsters who are related only by a common friend are on the cusp of having their lives changed for the better. But circumstances lead them to a fate where they lose everything they hold dear. How do they reclaim their lives and identity?

Goli Soda Review – Tamil Talkies – Vijay Milton

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