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Godha movie review

Godha Movie Review – The Times of India

Godha Review: For our film industry, it’s a season besotted with the idea of games, playgrounds, and sportsmen. Malayalam alone had two back-to …

Godha movie review: The interval punch and the songs kind of give away the climax of the storyline to an extend, but not in a way that takes away your Godha movie review highlights: First half …

Godha Movie Review – Film Companion

Official Site: https://www.filmcompanion.in/features/bollywood-features/godha-movie-review/

Godha may not be as prickly as Dangal, and crises may get resolved a tad too conveniently, but it shares with that film an unwavering eye on what’s …

Godha Movie Review: Give a break to Sultan and Dangal, it’s time to hail this beautiful Malayalam sports drama Godha, the Malayalam movie that …

FAQ godha movie review

Is Godha a good movie to watch?

The first fast half is fast flowing filled with humorous moments while the second half has more of a serious tone. Godha surely is a full time entertainer and arguably the beat sports movie in Malayalam film industry till date. Be sure mot to miss the movie as it will get your spirits high

Does Godha have a love story like Dangal?

Despite Das’s overtures, there isn’t much of a love story. Godha may not be as prickly as Dangal, and crises may get resolved a tad too conveniently, but it shares with that film an unwavering eye on what’s really the story, what’s important. Godha is as focused as Aditi is. We root for her.

What is Godha's story?

Godha Story: Anjaneya Das hails from a family of wrestlers but loves cricket more. His dad packs him off to Punjab University for his M-Tech, where he meets Aditi Singh, a passionate wrestler.

Is Godha (wrestling arena) worth watching?

And now, Basil Joseph’s immensely heart-warming Godha (Wrestling Arena), a sturdy example of how the well-timed, well-tuned collision of clichés can become something… maybe not great, but certainly fun and interesting and consistently entertaining. As the film opens, we see Aditi Singh (Wamiqa Gabbi) in a stadium in Chandigarh.

Godha Malayalam Movie Review by Sudhish Payyanur | Movie Bite

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