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Gnome alone movie review

Gnome Alone (2017) – Gnome Alone (2017) – User …

Chloë (Becky G) moves into a new place with her nomadic mother Catherine (Tara Strong). The old house comes with an assortment of garden gnomes. Chloë finds a magical green crystal in a hidden attic room. She is befriended by nerdy neighbor boy Liam (Josh Peck). The realtor fails to tell them that the house is built on a trans-dimensional portal.

Parents need to know that Gnome Alone is an animated story featuring ravenous, sharp-toothed monsters shaped like bowling balls who eat anything in their way, probably making it a little too scary for young kids. The Trogs bare their huge, sharp teeth and threaten to eat everything and everyone around them.

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Gnome Alone PG 2017, Kids & family/Comedy, 1h 21m — Tomatometer 2 Reviews 46% Audience Score 100+ Ratings Where to watch Gnome Alone Photos View All Photos (13) Movie Info A teenage girl moves…

When Zoe inherits the magical protection of a bewitched Gnome, she quickly realizes that he isn’t your garden variety gnome, when he begins eliminating her enemies in extravagant displays of revenge. Directors Timothy Woodward Jr. John Michael Elfers (additional scenes) Writers Lauren De Normandie (re-written by)

FAQ gnome alone movie review

Is Gnome Alone a good movie?

"Gnome Alone" is just an annoying and stupid movie. The story was stupid and annoying as ever, the animation was bad and looked ugly, and most of the characters came off as bland and basic. There's really not much I can say for this movie except that you should avoid it.

What are Trogs in Gnome Alone on Netflix?

In GNOME ALONE, Chloe ( Becky G) and her mom move into a creaky old house, which turns out to be a supernatural portal to a world inhabited by ravenous, man-eating bowling balls called Trogs.

What are some examples of animated films with gnomes in them?

One primary example is "Gnome Alone", an enjoyable yet flawed animated feature about a young girl named Chloe divided on whether she should help her new gnome companions in her new house fight evil monsters called "Troggs" or live a new middle school life with her classmates Liam and Brittany.

Are the gnomes in Gnome Alone based on Smurfs?

The animation is fairly standard-issue and although talking garden gnomes are main characters ( George Lopez voices one of them), their resemblance to Smurfs is unmistakable, robbing the enterprise of any hope of originality. Gnome Alone openly steals from Inside Out and, naturally, Home Alon e as well.

Gnome Alone (2015) – Movie Review

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