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Ghajini hindi movie review

Ghajini Movie Review {3.5/5}: Critic Review of Ghajini by …

The high point of Ghajini is Aamir Khan’s class act of the hero who switches from a shy, taciturn tycoon who finds love in the alley — with an ekdum ordinary girl — to a vulnerable killing machine who mauls his prey like a wounded tiger. Roars and grunts, included! Aamir has hardly anything to say in the entire film.

Ghajini Movie Review 2008 : Ghajini Critics Rating 4.5/5. The wait is finally over! An Aamir Khan film is nothing short of an event. The supremely talented actor acts in one film …

Ghajini (2008) – Ghajini (2008) – User Reviews – IMDb

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Short-term memory loss, violence, songs and witty dialogue sum up as ‘Ghajini’. A R Murugadoss’s ‘Ghajini’ is escapist cinema at its best. A winner all the way in that category. A …

Ghajini is one of the best thrillers to have come out of the Bollywood stable in recent years. And to top it all, it has a nice dose of humour as well. Aamir Khan once again proves …

FAQ ghajini hindi movie review

What is your review of the movie Ghajini?

Ghajini is a Film of Revenge, Love and Action. Executed Brilliantly By The Director AR Muragadoss. Screen Play & Cinematography is at Top Notch, We can't say flaws about it. Coming To The Oscar Winner AR Rahman who have penned an Beautiful Composition Which is aptly needed for the Film.

What if the movie Ghajini had not featured Aamir Khan?

Had the movie not featured Aamir Khan it would not have been nowhere close to what it is now. Bollywood has had a history where many a venture has sunk despite hype but what worked for Ghajini was a sustained and immaculately planned publicity campaign.

Who is the Best Actress in the 2005 Tamil film Ghajini?

Asin, The Leading Lady Who made her Bollywood Debut , Respiring her character In Ghajini 2005 Tamil Film. Is Fabulous as Kalpana. She Played her role very well and the impact of the character is strong even we leave the theatre. Jiah Khan as a Medical Student does her pretty good as Supportive to Sanjay.

Who is the composer of the movie Ghajini?

The score and soundtrack were composed by A. R. Rahman, while Aamir co-wrote an altered climax. Set in Mumbai, Ghajini follows the story of Sanjay Singhania, a businessman who develops anterograde amnesia following a violent encounter in which his love interest, a model named Kalpana, was killed.

GHAJNI the best film of the year

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