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Geetanjali telugu movie review

Gitanjali (1989) – Gitanjali (1989) – User Reviews – IMDb

WebGeetanjali, a great movie by Mani Ratnam with arguably the best music album of Ilayaraja… This is the only Telugu movie directed by mani ratnam till date and he has ensured that his place in the annals of telugu movie history is safe with this movie. Ilayaraja, that maestro of Indian movie music is known for providing his best to Mani Ratnam.

Web Geetanjali – Telugu Movie Reviews A poetry on the silver screen Jul 18, 2007 08:07 PM Read Movie – the visual medium that shouldn’t be bound by a language. If youare able to get the whole context of the story without understandingthe language the actors speak, then the director has achieved somethingextraordinary.

Geethanjali – Movie Review – FilmiBeat

Official Site:

Web Overall, Geethanjali is a good horror comedy movie and the first of the film is superb. If the director had maintained the thriller element in …

WebOn the whole, Geetanjali has its good moments. It starts on a hilarious scale, but gets mellowed down during the second half which also …

FAQ geetanjali telugu movie review

What is your review of the movie Geethanjali?

Review: Geethanjali, though mostly built around the quirky psychiatrist Sunny Joseph, draws heavily from Manichithrathazhu where intrigue springs from a frighteningly gothic air and psychological frailties. A young couple - Anoop and Geetha - return home from Mumbai to take care of Geetha’s sick mother.

What is your review of Kona Venkat's Geethanjali movie?

Kona Venkat has a fresh and interesting storyline for Geethanjali , but his screenplay lacks the freshness as some scenes are inspired by old movies. The first half of the film is very interesting with its high entertainment quotient and this portion is the biggest strength of the film.

What is the plot of the story Gitanjali?

On a fog swept chilly hill station, a terminally ill young man (Prakash) meets a boisterous girl (gitanjali). Love blossoms, but there's a shadow behind the light she radiates. On a fog swept chilly hill station, a terminally ill young man (Prakash) meets a boisterous girl (gitanjali).

What makes Geethanjali different from Manichithrathazhu?

For most part, Geethanjali is weighed down by the stature of Sunny who could define the success of Manichithrathazhu with an affable eccentricity bordering on sharp intellect. In Geethanjali, Sunny Joseph’s joviality is shorn of playful innocence.

Nagarjuna Geethanjali Movie Interesting Facts in Telugu | Movie Review | Tollywood Insider

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