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Gattaca movie review

Gattaca (1997) – Gattaca (1997) – User Reviews – IMDb

Gattaca is a brilliant under-rated piece of cinema that the not-too-distant future will, in retrospect, see it as one of the more outstanding movies of the nineties. It is prolific, stylish, thought-provoking, and one of the few recent science fiction movies that totally foregoes special effects and does it well.

Audience Reviews for Gattaca Jan 13, 2016 Gattaca is a gorgeously realised sci-fi romance that is so extremely tense that it borders on uncomfortably erotic at times, with Uma Thurman’s stony …

Gattaca movie review & film summary (1997) | Roger Ebert

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Throw in perfect health, a high IQ and a long life-span, and you have the brave new world of “Gattaca,” in which the bioformed have inherited the earth, and babies who are born naturally get to be menial laborers. This is one of the …

GATTACA is set in the not-too-distant-future, in a world obsessed with human perfection to the point that genetic engineering is the norm, resulting in an unfortunate social …

FAQ gattaca movie review

What is your review of Gattaca?

The problems are more subtle in Gattaca involving our own desires for success for ourselves and through our children. Amazingly, Gattaca is a good science fiction film with a small budget, few special effects and mostly filmed in existing modern buildings.

Which film does Gattaca most remind you of?

The film that Gattaca most reminds me of is Blade Runner. They are both about genetic engineering gone very wrong but Gattaca takes a very different approach. The problems are more subtle in Gattaca involving our own desires for success for ourselves and through our children.

What do parents need to know about the movie Gattaca?

Parents need to know that Gattaca is a 1997 sci-fi movie in which Ethan Hawke must outwit a society centered on genetic engineering in order to fulfill his dream to go into space. For fans of science fiction with deep messages relevant to our world, this movie has plenty to reflect on and discuss with teens and adults.

Who are the actors in the movie Gattaca?

Gattaca is written and directed by Andrew Niccol. It stars Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Gore Vidal, Loren Dean, Xander Berkeley and Alan Arkin.

Dystopian Futures: Gattaca Review

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