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Garuda vega movie review

PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M Movie Review – The Times …

PSV Garuda Vega Review: NIA officer Chandrasekhar (Dr Rajasekhar) is on the verge of being divorced by his wife Swathi (Pooja Kumar) as he tends to put his duty ahead of everything else. Following a counselling session, Swathi agrees to give him one more opportunity to get their relationship back on track.

Made on a budget of around Rs 25 crore, ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ is easily the biggest budgeted film in the career of hero Rajasekhar. Apparently, no expense has been spared in making the film, a quality output. Exotic locales: A major part of ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ has been shot abroad in exotic locales such as Georgia at the fourth highest dam in the world.

‘PSV Garuda Vega’ movie review highlights: A …

Official Site:

The much-awaited action entertainer ‘PSV Garuda Vega ’ finally hit the screens today. Tipped to be the most expensive film in Dr Rajshekhar career, it also stars Pooja Kumar, …

Technical wise, Garuda Vega is one of the best films that has come out in the recent times. The camerawork by Anji is just top notch and reminds us of many Hollywood films with its style. The way he has shot the action sequences and thrills is just too good. As said earlier, the film needs serious editing.

FAQ garuda vega movie review

Is the movie Garuda Vega worth watching?

If you are looking for an action flick sans the typical fare associated with commercial flicks such as songs, dances, comedy, romance etc, then Garuda Vega might just appeal to you. PSV Garuda Vega Story: A dedicated NIA officer is torn between love for his family and his duty.

What is your review of PSV Garuda Vega?

PSV Garuda Vega is a basic spy movie with all the clichés and topes in place. But when done in a Telugu cinema set up without hero it gives us a fresh feeling which is the plus point. Both the first and second halves of the film stick to the narrative and don’t deviate too much. The respite is provided by the comedy track of husband and wife.

Is the success of Garuda Vega crucial for Rajsekhar?

The success of Garuda Vega is quite crucial for Rajsekhar as he and his team have spent a lot of money on the budget. The action entertainer has finally hit the screens today.

Is Garuda Gamana Vrishabha vahana here to stay?

With Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, he announces loud and clear that he is a storyteller who is here to stay and make films that redefine genres and will entertain the audience at the same time. This film might be set in Mangaladevi, but the emotions and treatment make it nothing short of edgy world cinema.

Garudaveda (HD) (PSV Garuda Vega)- South Blockbuster Spy Hindi Movie| Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Adith

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