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Gacy movie review

Gacy (Video 2003) – Gacy (Video 2003) – User Reviews

WebThe film concentrates mostly on Gacy as an adult, avoids glib explanations (like, "He was spanked as a child."), isn’t any more gruesome or disgusting than the story calls for, and doesn’t show Gacy engaged in homosexual acts. A movie about lesbians can be explicit, but let’s have no gay guys making it on screen.

Web Gacy channels its horror through bicentennial suburban kitsch, clowns-in-the-closet visuals, and a heaving, foul, maggot-carpeted crawlspace deep with death and …

Gacy – Rotten Tomatoes

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Web Tomatometer 6 Reviews 21% Audience Score 2,500+ Ratings Where to watch Gacy Photos Movie Info Real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy (Mark Holton) is the subject of this …

WebGacy (2003) Review John Wayne Gacy was a model citizen that often voluntered as a clown for the children at the local hospital. Shockingly, he kept a …

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Is the movie Gacy a true story?

Gacy (film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Gacy (also known as The Crawl Space) is a 2003 horror film written and directed by Clive Saunders, and co-written by David Birke. Released direct-to-video, the film is based on the crimes of Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and stars Mark Holton as Gacy.

What happened at the end of the movie Gacy?

While Gacy is out of the house the police enter and find dozens of watches and drivers licenses. Gacy is arrested as the police exhume the bodies from the crawl space. The film ends with Gacy's last words before he's put to death.

What is the error code for the movie Gacy?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy (Mark Holton) is the subject of this disturbing biographical drama.

What was John Gacy like as a person?

Although Gacy is a family man and respected business owner, and even entertains locals as a clown, he hides a murderous pastime. Traumatized by his childhood experiences at the hands of an abusive father (Adam Baldwin), Gacy lures young men to their deaths, hiding their bodies in the crawlspace under his house.

Week 287:(serial killer) GACY(2003) review by coreys crypt

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