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Friend of the family movie review

Friend of the Family (1995) – Friend of the Family (1995)

A good softcore movie has many great sex scenes, and somewhat entertaining if imbecile filler space. "Friend of the Family" has many good sex scenes, and filler space that is as kind hearted as it is hilariously absurd. This adds up well, recommended! (do make sure to get the unrated version, even god knows that softcores have multiple edits.)

*Spoilers* "Friend Of The Family II" as many have pointed out, it’s not a sequel. It follows the same formula of a sexy woman that seduces an entire family. But this time, unlike in the …

Friend of the Family (1995) – IMDb

Official Site:

Friend of the Family: Directed by Edward Holzman. With Shauna O’Brien, Griffin Drew, Burke Morgan, Lisa Boyle. A mysterious, but kind …

Friend of the Family is softcore erotica with a plot. With memorable performances from notable After Dark stars such as: Shauna O’Brien, Griffin Drew, Lisa Boyle and Raelyn Saalman; …

FAQ friend of the family movie review

What is the movie friend of the family about?

Friend of the Family (1995) R | 1h 43min | Drama | 20 June 1995 (USA) A mysterious, but kind-hearted, drifter tries to help a wealthy, but dysfunctional, Malibu family with their personal and romantic problems between them.

Is a friend of the family a good B movie?

A Friend of the Family has amazingly quite a bit to offer for a b-movie. The important being sex and nudity. But hey, the acting is actually very tolerable. The ladies (Lisa Boyle, Shauna O'brien and Griffen Drew) are amazing to look at with better than average sex and nudity scenes.

Who are the actors in the movie Our Friend?

The movie is directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and featured Jason Segel, Isabella Kai, Violet McGraw and Casey Affleck as lead characters.Other popular actors who were roped in for Our Friend is and Dakota Johnson

Is ‘our friend’ (2018) a good movie?

‘Our Friend’ is a showcase on how friendships and relationships are fortified through hard times with moments of genuine beauty and raw emotion that will pull at your heartstrings without being overly sugary or sentimental. Our overall critic’s rating is not an average of the sub scores below.


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