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Freefall flight 174 movie review

Freefall: Flight 174 (TV Movie 1995) – IMDb

WebThere are even a few moments of sharp humor to interrupt the extreme anxiety. William Devane carries "Freefall : Flight 174" to greatness with a terrific performance as the cool headed captain. If you enjoy realistic disaster films, this is a must see, and I guarantee you will be cheering at the end. – MERK 13 out of 16 found this helpful.

Web Falling from the Sky: Flight 174 TV Movie 1995 TV-14 1 h 33 m IMDb RATING 5.9 /10 868 YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 17,388 4,281 Drama True story of a brand-new …

Falling From the Sky! Flight 174 – Rotten Tomatoes

Official Site:

Web Flight 174 Photos View All Photos (8) Movie Info Based on the true story of an Edmonton-bound Canada World Airways Boeing 767, which runs out of fuel at cruise altitude and …

WebFreefall: Flight 174 (1995), Drama released in English language in theatre near you. Know about Film reviews, lead cast & crew, photos & video gallery on BookMyShow.

FAQ freefall flight 174 movie review

Why was Flight 174 in freefall?

Flight 174 was never actually in freefall - but it was out of fuel and many of its systems were crippled and it was reduced basically to gliding.

Is ‘freefall’ a true story?

Freefall: Flight 174" an exciting true story turned into a banal and soapy drama. Verified purchase Last night, while browsing the Movie section of, I came across a title that looked interesting: “Freefall: Flight 174.” It’s a drama about an airliner that runs out of fuel while flying from Montreal to Edmonton, Canada.

Is falling from the sky a true story?

Falling from the Sky: Flight 174 (also known as Freefall: Flight 174) is a 1995 made-for-television film based on the real-life events of Air Canada Flight 143, nicknamed the " Gimli Glider ", starring William Devane, Scott Hylands, Shelley Hack and Mariette Hartley. Set in 1983, the film follows the crew, their families and the passengers ...

What happened to Flight 174 in'the Bourne Identity'?

After a delay, the passengers board flight 174, including Rick Dion (Winston Rekert), the airline's chief mechanic, as well as his wife and three-year-old boy. After takeoff, Dion visits the pilots the flight deck.

Freefall: Flight 174 (1995) | Full Movie | William Devane | Nicholas Turturro | Mariette Hartley

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